Butt Workout

Butt Workout

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests from ladies wanting to know how to reduce the cellulite they have between their butts and their hamstrings.  I call the area where the booty meets the hams “Bam”  Because when it’s smooth and tight you look in the mirror like BAM… but I know a lot of ladies are looking at this area like Damn! Help!

That’s exactly what today’s episode of CCtv is all about – improving your Bam so you can feel more confident in shorts.  In it I’ll explain how to train your butt to improve the appearance of cellulite in this area.  Plus, I’m giving you a complete booty building Bam workout that will help you get the results you want.  You can use these exercises along with the exercises from my other butt workouts to turn your ‘damns’ into bams, too.

How to Do this Booty Lifting Workout

Do each exercise until you feel the burn, then do 5 more.  Do each exercise 1 time to complete 1 set.  Do 3 full sets to complete your workout.  You can use today’s workout along with this booty building workout or my squat challenge for even better results.

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It works if you work it!  So work it!  YOU are so worth it!!

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Butt Workout for women

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