I've tried a lot of other cleanses and they didn't work for me. How is your cleanse different?

The Reset Cleanse is a whole foods cleanse… you’re eating, NOT drinking, or taking pills, potions or powders. (The way nature intended!) Pill and powder cleanses, typically only focus on cleansing the digestive system. My Reset Cleanse targets 10 of your body’s systems that can affect your healthy, metabolism and ability to burn fat. With my Cleanse you’ll Reset and reverse toxic buildup, hormone imbalances and metabolic dysfunction. When that happens your body’s like “wow! we’re good now,” and your metabolism will accelerate as a result. My Cleanse also simultaneously triggers your body to use your body fat as its primary fuel source. This way you’ll feel healthier, look better and lose weight during the 7 days you’re on the Cleanse. More specific information about how the cleanse works is provided to you in the Reset Cleanse.

Do you have a Sample of the Cleanse? Can you tell me what's involved?

All of my programs are copyrighted (actually registered with the USPTO office). I’ve been advised that if I give samples that could entice people to share/copy my programs thus violating my copyright in which I could pursue legal action. (and would if someone did intentionally copy and try to profit using my work) I do not want people copying me and I don’t want to sue anyone… but there are A LOT of shady people online… so I do not provide samples. I hope that makes sense.


I can tell you that this is a 7 day meal and exercise program.  I tell you what to eat and what to avoid for the 7 days you’re doing the cleanse.  The allowed foods are readily available and can be found all around the world.  It’s also vegan and vegetarian-friendly.  Proteins, fats, and carbs and included, but in a strategic way so you will detoxify your body.  I provide everything you need to make it through the 7 days and get the best possible results.  I also have a 100% success rate.  Everyone who follows the cleanse gets results.  If you get the cleanse and choose not to follow it, that’s your choice. I don’t recommend getting any of my programs unless you’re committed to following them… because I give prize money to participants and refunds aren’t given after the files are downloaded.

What results can I expect during the Reset Cleanse?

Results vary from person to person, depending on your start weight and current lifestyle habits. For example, a 200 pound woman that eats junk food 24/7 and smokes would have more significant results as opposed to a 130 pounds woman that’s already living a healthy active lifestyle. Regardless, you should experience noticeable results within your first 3 days. Most people report feeling healthier, seeing their skin clear up and look better (acne, eczema, dandruff, premature aging). The average weight loss is between 5 to 10 pounds in 7 days. The most lost in a week is 13.8 pounds… and she didn’t exercise.


Here is my before and after from my 3rd round of my Reset Cleanse. When testing the Cleanse, I Reset – waited 30 days – Reset- waited 30 days – Reset) I was so happy in the second ‘after’ picture because the body typically builds up a tolerance to things… But not my programs. My 3rd round of testing I lost 7 pounds in 7 days, my inflammation, knee pain, bloating, sinus congestion, and carb cravings were gone. Every single person who has worked the Reset Cleanse has reported similar health and weight loss results.


Reset Cleanse - Christina Carlyle

Is losing more than 2 pounds of weight a week unsafe?

Losing 2 pounds of FAT a week is a healthy rate of fat loss.  With my Reset Cleanse you’re losing weight (from waste and water) and fat.   When hormones are imbalanced they can trigger water retention… So does toxic buildup as a result of a clogged up digestive system.  As mentioned above, my cleanse detoxifies, resets hormones and accelerates the metabolism and triggers your body to burn fat as its primary fuel source as you’re cleansing.  So while on my cleanse you’re losing fat, waste and water weight…  when this happens you can easily lose up to 10 pounds in 7 days, safely.  That’s also why I recommend immediately starting the Right meal plan for your body type, so you’ll keep your hormones balanced and continue to accelerate your metabolism and burn fat as your primary fuel source.  My Eat Right Meal plans will help you lose fat primarily and you can expect to lose up to 2 pounds of fat a week.  Make sense?

After I get the cleanse am I required to buy other things? Is the food expensive?

The Reset Cleanse will explain what foods to eat and what to drink. The only thing you’ll need to buy is food. So instead of buying groceries as you normally do, while on the cleanse you’re simply buying different and specific types of food. I find that most people actually save money compared to their normal grocery shopping.

Why is the Reset Cleanse 7 days?

7 days is the minimum time needed to Reset your systems and body. While I was testing the Cleanse I found that 5 days wasn’t enough because toxins are still being purged. 10 days was too many. Plus 7 days makes the challenge more ‘mentally doable’ because it’s only a week. I recommend starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. That way you can prep and go shopping over the weekend and start fresh on a Monday and then begin your Right meal plan the following Monday and won’t miss a beat.

Will the Reset Cleanse have me running to the bathroom?

Absolutely not. Cleanses that have you running (for your life) to the bathroom typically contain stimulants and require pills, potions or powders.. My Reset Cleanse does not contain any stimulants. My Cleanse, detox’s 10 of your body’s systems, including your digestive system – with food, drinks and exercise. The Reset Meal Plan cleanse your elimination organs in a normal, natural way. Most people report that they go #2, one to 2 times a day. It is possible to go more, if you have a lot of waste buildup or have IBS.

What should I do after the Reset Cleanse?

After your body is Reset it’s prepped and primed to keep burning fat. After you’re done I recommend following the Right Meal Plan for you. That way, you’ll eat foods that are Right for your body type so you can reach your goal faster because your body will be getting the key nutrients it needs to stay healthy, keep your metabolism burning hot and use your body fat as it’s primary fuel source. If you go on a one-sized-fits-all diet or back to eating ‘toxic’ foods your body can’t metabolize or digest, you’ll end up back where you started.


I've tried so many things with no results. Do your programs really work?

My answer HELL YES they do. Every single piece of advice, tip, or trick whether free on my blog or a paid program – everything I share with the world I test first on myself 3 times before I ever try it on someone else. Then I test it on at least 10 people – for free – until I perfect it. (Do not ask me to be a tester… It’s invitation only) I typically use different ages, heights, gender and start weights so I make sure everything works on anyone who tries it if they work it.


That’s why my fine print has always been “It Works if you work it”. Whenever I create a program I go off of my normal diet and exercise routine and eat freely for 30 days, while I put the finishing touches on the programs. Then I follow the program I’m testing – exclusively for 60 days (8 weeks). The following photo is of my Total Transformation using my Right Meal Plan (I’m a Kim) in conjunction with the Reshape Exercise Program. From experience I can say, it’s best to kickstart your transformation with the Reset Cleanse. That way you won’t have to deal with cravings, bloat, mood swings that can trigger you to quit or cheat.


Total Transformation Eat Right Meal Plan- Chrisinta Carlyle

How custom are your Right Meal Plans?

Extremely. As human beings everyone has the same basics that we need to follow… calories in versus calories out. But if it were really that simple, everyone would already be fit and wouldn’t struggle! Different body types have different metabolic reactions to foods (and exercise). In the 10 years I’ve been in this weightless and wellness field, I find that there are 3 main classifications of body type that struggle to get the results they want. (Kate’s, Kim’s and Kirstie’s) Each of these 3 unique body types have different metabolic reactions to different foods. All of my Right Meal plans were created specifically to make sure it’s respective body type is getting the Right amounts, of the Right nutrients paired together in the Right combinations needed to make sure you’re getting the Right amount of fuel needed to get the results you want. When you eat the Right way for your body type you’ll burn fat as a primary fuel source (instead of food) and avoid eating foods that cause your body to hold onto fat.

Do you have a sample of your Meal Plans?

All of my programs are copyrighted (actually registered with the USPTO office). I’ve been advised that if I give samples that could entice people to share/copy my programs thus violating my copyright in which I could pursue legal action. (and would if someone did intentionally copy and try to profit using my work) I do not want people copying me and I don’t want to sue anyone… but there are A LOT of shady people online… so I do not provide samples. I hope that makes sense.


I can tell you that I explain step-by-step, what each body type likes… what to eat (and what to avoid), when to eat, how much to eat, how to make meals, then I give a sample day of meals to make using the guidelines of your plan… I also give a few different sample meals (for breakfast lunch and dinner) demonstrating how to put a meal together based on the guidelines. Also, if you get the Total Transformation Challenge Bundle you’ll get over 200 recipes.  I don’t recommend getting any of my programs unless you’re committed to following them… because I give prize money to participants and refunds aren’t given after the files are downloaded.  I do guarantee that all of my programs work, if you work them.  And I will be here to help you and answer any questions if you need it.

Do I have to count calories, macros and/or meal prep?

Nope! Not if you don’t want to. My meal plans explain how many calories per meal you’ll need but I focus on serving sizes instead of meticulous calorie counting and weighing out macros. That gets tedious and obsessive and makes weight loss a lot less fun (!!) You’ll know what to eat and how much to eat, wherever you are (home, dining out, at a party, traveling) – without counting.

Are your Eat Right Meal Plans strict? Can I eat things that aren't on your plan?

Absolutely! My plans are designed to make sure you’re getting the right sources/amounts/type of nutrients needed to provoke fat loss, aid in recovery and keep you Happy, Healthy and help you reach your goals as quickly – and sanely – as possible. As a former fat girl, I know first hand that you can’t feel too restricted or like you can’t have something, because that will trigger you to quit or binge… BUT you also HAVE to get results… because if you don’t you’ll want to quit too! So here’s the deal… you HAVE TO eat certain things to trigger your body to use fat as a primary fuel source. But I also give you guidelines to eat (and drink) off-the-menu things that aren’t included in your program… This way you’re eating a majority of foods that will keep your hormones regulated… so that when you do eat things ‘off the menu” you won’t be as susceptible to binges because your hunger and cravings are regulated. Also, this allows you to ‘have your cake and eat it too” so you’ll get results, but won’t feel deprived.

Do you tell me what to eat? Or do I get to choose?

I know a lot of meal plans follow a eat chicken, brown rice, green beans format… but I don’t.  Because sometimes, you just don’t want chicken and rice when your plan calls for it, ya know?


For each meal throughout the day, I’ll give you different nutrient combinations that are best for your body type.  I follow the pick a protein – pick a carb/veggie/fruit/fat/flavor format.  Then I’ll give you dozens of nutrient options via your shopping list.  That way you have the flexibility to choose foods you like best, from a list of options that are best for your body type, when you’re feeling them the most.  I also give you a sample meal plan with different examples of options for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, in case you need some inspiration.  I’m also here for you 24/7 in case you have a question or want more ideas.  : )

I'm trying not to eat meat. Are there vegan/vegetarian options for your Eat Right Meal Plans?

Yes, all of my Eat Right meal plans also include a vegan/vegetarian shopping list full of plant based protein sources. I give you a diverse list of nutrient options and give you the flexibility to choose your favorites to incorporate into you meals. That way you can eat what you like, never get bored, and get the results you want.

How long do your Meal Plans last? 30 days? 60 days??

My Right Meal Plans are designed to get you continuous results for up to 120 days, or 4 months.

What if I struggle with Emotional Eating?

If you’re really struggling with emotional eating, it’s highly likely that you have food allergies/intolerances, working against you… so even though you’re ‘eating healthy’ you could actually be eating things your body cannot have. When you eat enough of the right things for your body, you’ll feel good… if not, you’ll feel bad.


Using my Reset Cleanse, then following a program that’s best for your body type will help you a lot(!!!!!!), or you could work with me one-on-one – so I can give you more specific advice.  But, truthfully if you’re stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts the solution starts with food. Resetting your body will help (a lot) and then you have to reintroduce foods, eating the right things, in the right amounts, at the right times, so you will feel happy, stay healthy and see your body transform into your goal look.  That’s the God’s honest truth.

I'm currently trying to compete for a Bikini Show (WBFF, IBFF) but it's really restrictive and tough. How are your programs different?

If this sounds familiar then you are going to love my programs!!! I used to work out to get to a competitive level and it’s hardcore(!!) to say the least. I was often tempted to (and did!) cheat. I also didn’t like the repetitive vibe. I mean chicken, tuna and egg whites over and over again isn’t fun. That’s why I designed my programs to get the most possible options of different sources of the nutrients you need. I tell you what to eat, what to avoid, how to eat it, when to eat it and how to make a meal following the guidelines.


You have the freedom to pick from dozens of different foods on the shopping list. You don’t have to prep either. I recommend it (especially if you’re trying to compete) but you’ll be able to easily find the foods you need at restaurants and on the go, too. Plus I am a real nutritionist and I know my stuff. : ) I’m a trainer, too. My workouts are designed to be progressive so you get results with the least amount of cardio and weight training possible and then add a little more each week. You get 60 days worth of workouts created with strategies designed to get each goal look. My fine print is “It works, if you work it.” Because they do.

Can the Reshape Exercise Program really reshape my body?

Yes!!  Different goal looks require different kinds of exercise and training strategies. I designed my programs with the right strategies and types of exercises need to sculpt your goal look. Plus I tested them on myself before trying them on my offline clients. Once they’re perfected I offer them for sale online and can proudly say, they work if you work them.

I get big and bulky easily... will your programs make me bulky??

I specifically designed my workout programs to help you achieve the goal look you want. I’m naturally bulky too… and I used to get so mad when I’d spend hours in the gym trying to look like a fitness model but I ended up looking more like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that was years ago, before I became a nutritionist and trainer… I know how to use food and exercise to transform body’s for their goal looks. I specifically created made my programs so you can, too. I test my programs on myself to ensure they work. Full disclosure: I was following a meal plan at the same time… you kind of have to and there’s no way to escape it. As you probably already know, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet… so if you’re looking to experience a ‘Total Transformation’ you have to follow a meal and exercise program.

Christina Carlyle

With regards to realistic expectations, if you have a lot of high-density muscle fibers and you’ve been naturally ‘bulky’ your entire life, there’s really not anything, you or I, can do to reduce your muscular structure. But you can (and should!) exercise in a way that’s best for your goal look, so that you don’t over-activate your muscle fibers so you can avoid the bulkier, body-builder like look. That’s what my Itty-Bitty-Ballerina Program will do for you. Show you the exact strategy you need to get teeny, tiny muscles, then I give you 60 days worth of workouts designed specifically to help you transform your body into that goal look.

How long do your Exercise Programs last? 30 days? 60 Days??

My Reshape Exercise Programs are 60 days (8 weeks) long and contain 8 weeks worth of weight training workouts.

I'm competing for a show. Will your programs help me prep for my contest?

No.  My programs are not competition prep programs.  My programs are designed to help you achieve a goal look and MAINTAIN it.  Competition prep programs are designed to get you into peak physical condition that is VERY difficult to maintain.  My programs are designed to get you results that you can achieve and KEEP long term.

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Q: There are a million weight loss 'gurus' out there. Why should I listen to you?

A. My short answer::  Because I know exactly how it feels to be fat and insecure in your own skin and exactly how to fix it.


My long answer::  I know you’re skeptical – and you should be!  There are thousands of ‘gurus’ out there prancing around in bikinis that aren’t really experts… they’re just genetically blessed naturally skinny (or Photoshopped) gals out there promoting gimmick products and programs that just. don’t. deliver.


Most programs you’ll find online are one-size-fits all cookie-cutter programs that have been copied and pasted from other guru’s programs or


I know you’ve probably tried their programs and products are frustrated because they didn’t work.  Either you didn’t lose weight or couldn’t stay motivated or overcome your cravings.  Sound familiar?


The Christina Carlyle difference…  I used to be 40 pounds heavier.  I know what it’s like to be fat, unhappy and insecure. I know how it feels to step on the scale and feel like a failure…. even after doing everything right and trying virtually every diet and exercise program on the planet.  I only because a personal trainer and nutritionist because every other ‘guru’s’ program I tried DID NOT WORK.


I’ve been an actual nutritionist and trainer, practicing offline since 2008.  I know how to use food and exercise to transform your body naturally… in a way that’s customized to suit your metabolic type and goal look.


My programs address every issue that can keep you stuck from feeling happier, healthier and more fit. I teach you step-by-step how to eat and exercise in a way that’s best for your body type and goal look.  No pills.  No potions.  No powders.  No reoccurring fees.  No gimmicks or false hope and frustration.  With me, you’ll get REAL results.  Really fast.  Here’s my fine print… It works, if you work it!  Period.

Q: I've tried so many things I've found online that didn't work! Do your programs really work? Will I really get results?

A:   I know you want real results, really fast… otherwise you’ll quit and feel bad about yourself.  That’s why I create all of my programs – and work with people – in a way that I would want to have been worked with.  Everything I do is designed to get you noticeable results quickly, eating the most food possible and doing the least amount of exercise.


Plus, I test all of my programs on myself FIRST before trying them on anyone else.  Once I get success with my programs with people offline, I offer them online.  This way I can personally guarantee that everything I suggest to you works, if you work it.  Also, to prove I walk the walk that I talk.

Q: Your success stories seem almost unbelievable!! People losing 5-10 pounds in a week? What’s the deal??

A.  It sounds crazy right??  I know.  I still get surprised when I get emails from people telling me how much weight they’ve lost!!  You may have heard the saying ‘Abs are Made in the Kitchen’ It’s true!


I’m a nutritionist and trainer but my specialty is epigenetics and nutrigenomics… the science of using food to in a way that works best with your biology at cellular level so you can reach your goal weight/look as quickly as humanly possible.  My programs can help you get results 3 times faster, because they’re customized to your unique metabolic profile and the goal look YOU want.


Have you ever seen Biggest Loser?  People on the show lose 10-15 pounds a week…  That’s because they have nutritionists and trainers on their team advising them.  It’s completely possible to use food and exercise to get you noticeable results, in days – without starving, pills, potions, powders, or monthly payments.


I’m a nutritionist and a trainer.  I know how to use both to transform your body quickly.  I tried to make it really as easy as possible for you, too.  Reset your body to undo anything that could keep you stuck, then Eat the Right foods for your body type and Reshape your body by exercising in a way that’s best for your goal look.


If you still can’t find an answer to your question, you can email me directly at [email protected]

Do you have a money back guarantee?

My programs work, if you work them and I expect participation.  I’ve never had anyone work any of my programs and not experience results.

I’ve had people get my programs and decide not to work them… but if you choose not to work them, refunds aren’t given, since you get to keep the program.  Also, because I offer prize money for participation.

I’m the only ‘online coach’ that personally helps people post-purchase.  I tried my best to include every tip, trick, and tool so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.  But, if you do work any of my programs and you’re not seeing the results you want, or you have a question about making it work, email me immediately and I’ll pinpoint why and tweak the program, if it’s needed.

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