A lot of ladies have been coming to me lately requesting help to get lean legs.  Every single one of them was frustrated because even though they were doing ‘everything right’ they were getting bulky looking legs that they were trying to avoid.

Two ladies felt like they’re getting bulky while training to compete for a race (one for a 5k and half marathon) while everyone else was getting lean…  Another gal was discouraged after spending over $1000 with a trainer, trying to get defined Bikini Model-esque legs, but ended up getting bigger bulkier legs instead…  Another felt genetically doomed because her legs seemed disproportionately bigger when compared to her upper body.

These ladies are from different countries and have different training styles but they all wanted to know, “How can I get lean legs?” and “Do you have a lean leg workout?”

It’s completely possible to get lean legs. In this video I explain why the ‘bulk’ happens. Then I’ll explain how to adjust your workouts to get lean muscles, not big bulky ones. Then I share my lean legs workout with you.

If you feel like your legs get big and bulky from exercise, when you’d prefer them to be lean and defined, today’s episode of CCtv is for you.  After you’ve had a chance to watch it, please leave me a comment to let me know what you think.  As always, if you think it could help someone you know, please share it.

It works if you work it.  So work it, you’re worth it.

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how to get lean legs - christina carlyle