A Certified Nutritionist, Trainer, and Health Coach teaches you everything you need to know to transform mind, body, and soul in just 21 days


Imagine feeling better than you have in years, losing weight, and glowing from the inside out


The good news?  You don’t have to just imagine it.


I’ve created my Rehab™ program to answer all of your burning questions about how to use food, exercise, detox protocols, and self-care practices so that you can become the best version of yourself.


In just 21 days, I’ll guide you step-by-step with daily trainings, packed with expert insight that will motivate, educate, and inspire you to transform from your cells, to your scale, to your soul!

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Rehab isn’t just another online program… It’s an interactive training program that will cause dramatic changes in your health, energy, and happiness in just 21 days.


Rehab will help you become the best version of yourself, in an easy-to-do, fun, empowering way.  Are you ready?






Rehab is a comprehensive weight loss and wellness program designed so that in 21 days flat you’ll be looking and feeling better than you have in months. Years. Maybe decades.


Together, we’ll be focusing on your whole self and overall health – physical and mental – not just your weight.  You’ll get proven strategies and support you need to boost your health, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


When you make comprehensive lifestyle changes and treat the whole person (mind, body, and soul), most people find that they feel much better, very quickly.




In just 21 short days, you’ll discover how to (finally) get healthy, happy, and lose those extra (stubborn!) pounds once and for all—without falling off track.


Because that’s always what happens, isn’t it? You have the best intentions, but then something happens, and the best-laid plans for your health—and new self—go awry.


Falling off track completely sucks—especially when you’ve tried so many times to commit yourself to your health and weight loss goals.


It can shatter your self-esteem.


Break your self-love.


And cause little hateful remarks to scrape away at your conscience.


Falling off track and not having it together can make you feel like something’s way wrong with you. (Why did I have to have two pieces of cake?!)


Like you’re not disciplined enough. (More cake!)


Or strong enough. (Forget it, give me cake.)


Or good enough. (Why. Can’t. I. Stop. Eating. Cake.)


And, as for “bathing suit season”—forget it—you’ve already banned yourself to swimsuit-cover-up-world for eternity.


Except there’s REALLY good news:  You don’t have to live like this anymore.


You are disciplined enough.


You are strong enough.


And you are good enough.


You aren’t doomed to live in sarongs and billowy tops forever.


You aren’t destined to struggle with low energy, health issues, and stubborn fat.


The secret?  You just have to learn how.


And that is exactly what Rehab will teach you




Rehab is so much more than just an (amazing!) online weight loss and health program. It’s an entire community of like-minded women that believe in you.


+ That believes in the power of good, soul-nourishing nutrition.


+ That believes that it’s about more than how your body looks—it’s how you feel in it.


+ And that believes that no matter who you are, where you are, or what your situation is, the very first step to dramatically improving your quality of life always starts from within.


Rehab was designed to help you figure out what, exactly, to put within. To figure out how to find you most healthy, slim and sexy self the right way.  No fad diets.  No gimmicks.  No B.S.




+ The Reset Cleanse – Once you join, you’ll get instant access to the Rehab Getting Started Guide and a FREE copy of my Reset Cleanse.  I recommend some products in the Getting Started Guide that will help accelerate your results.   The Reset Cleanse will help you detoxifying your body while prepping for Rehab, in cae you decide to order some of the Rehab boosting products.


+ 21-days worth of content (as described below), delivered straight to your email inbox each morning, in the form of downloadable handouts, worksheets, recipes, and private, easy-to-access videos on my website.  The official Rehab content starts 7 days after purchase, so you’ll be able start the Reset Cleanse and order products if you chose to.  I’ll personally check-in on you while you’re Resetting, too.


Each day, you’ll get a new training video and content.  Each video is less than 20 minutes long, but is packed with expert insight and easy-to-do actionable items that will create powerful positive changes in your mind, body and soul. ($3750 retail value if we did this in one-on-one coaching)


The entire Rehab Program accessed from your easy-to-use learning platform that works on all devices, including your smart phone. You’ll have 24/7 access to learn on your own time, at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The program is delivered via videos and downloadable PDFs to help you clean up your eating and lifestyle habits with ease.


+ Downloadable Bonus Rehab Recipe Guides with over 50 of my favorite recipes.


+ Access to the private Rehab Facebook Forum to connect with like-minded people and me.  This is where you’ll get and give support.


Think of this program as all of the one-on-one health coaching that you and I would do over six months wrapped up into one convenient (and MUCH less expensive!) online course.

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When you join, you’ll get access to Rehab – a 21-day program valued at $3,750 – for just $147.







Ultimately, to teach you the core concept of bioindividuality and that no one way of eating is best for everyone.




You’ll learn how to eat the best way for you—no prescribed diets here. Vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, carnivore, Paleo, pescatarian — the list goes on and on. No one way is best for everyone; one person’s food is another person’s poison.


I’ll teach you how to figure out which way is best for you, with the underlying concepts that make every human body thrive.


I’ll teach you a dozen different secret ways you can detoxify your body that take minutes, but help make major improvements in your health, energy, and sense of well-being.



To teach you about superfoods, how to take the most advantage of them, and how to turn them into delicious, unintimidating treats. (E.g. how to actually use food to get happier, healthier and more fit fast)


To teach you what supplements are completely necessary (and which ones aren’t), how they work in your body, and how to choose what is best for you so you’re not wasting money every month. Most people are severely deficient in the basic vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed for optimum health — you’ll learn how to not be one of them.


To teach you what foods are actually poisoning you and that you should never ever eat again. (Don’t worry, it’s probably not what you think. I won’t take away your most loved foods, we might just need to find healthier ways of eating them.)


To teach you the critical importance of your digestive health and how to properly take probiotics and digestive enzymes. Your digestion affects every single system in your body — especially your immune system and skin health. Every system in your body (and ability to lose weight) is affected when your digestion is off. (But don’t fret, we’ll get yours running like a well-oiled machine.)


To teach you how eating more can actually help you lose weight (if that’s your goal) and how no amount of gym time will get you the body you want if your nutrition is off.


To teach you how what you eat affects how you look far (far!) more than any cream, lotion or potion you can apply.


To teach you easy home cooking tips so you can whip up healthy, yummy meals at home.


To teach you the healthiest foods to choose at restaurants and parties so you can stay on the wagon.


To teach you how to stay on track when you’re traveling.


To demystify “good vs. bad” fats, carbs and proteins.


To teach you how to save money at the grocery store and how to eat healthy on a budget.


To teach you how to make easy, healthy substitutions that you’ll love; these small things can add up to huge results.


To give you recipes, recipes, and more recipes.  Did I mention recipes?


To give you a very clear picture of the food-mood connection, and how our food choices affect how we feel, think and act. Every. Single. Day.


To teach you the concept of “Soul Food” (the other non-food stuff that nourishes our souls and when not fulfilled, can trigger us) and the importance of seeking balance in this crazy thing we call life.  You’ll learn how to react to life’s stressors, in a positive way, and prevent self-sabotage.



Join Rehab Now


When you join, you’ll get access to Rehab – a 21-day program valued at $3,750 – for just $147.

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