Tighten and Tone your Arms with this Fat Burning Superset Arm Workout for Women. This arm workout uses the superset strategy to tone arms fast.

Lots of women want to tighten and tone their arms and help them burn stubborn arm fat.  That’s why I made this special Superset Arm Workout for women wanting to burn fat and get sexy, defined arms.

Superset Arm Workout

I really think you’re going to love this Arm Workout Routine because…

  • It’s Easy
  • It’s Quick!  The entire workout takes 20 minutes tops.
  • You can do it anywhere – All you need is a set of dumbbells so you can do this at home or the gym.

The best part?

  • It WORKS.  (My arms are crazy sore from doing this workout!  And I did it a few days ago!!)  My secret weapon for training the arms for fast results is using the superset training strategy.  By pairing 2 exercises together into supersets, you can build lean muscle and burn more calories in less time.


Superset Arm Workout for Women Christina Carlyle

How to do this Superset Arm Workout Routine for Women

This superset arm workout combines exercises strategically, so you’ll burn fat and build lean muscle quickly.

  • There are 3 supersets in this superset arm workout routine.
  • Each superset has 2 exercises.
  • Do each exercise – within the superset – 15 times each – to complete one set.
  • Bounce between the 2 exercises in the superset quickly… taking little to no rest between the exercises.  (This will help you burn more fat.)
  • You’ll need to do 3 full rounds of 1 superset before moving on to the next superset.
  • Do 3 full rounds of all 3 supersets to complete this fat burning arm workout.

Superset Arm Workout Christina Carlyle

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That’s it! Did you feel the burn?  Let me know in the comments.

For the best results, do today’s superset arm workout along with these other superset workouts in this series.  Do all 5 workouts in a week.

It works if you work it!  So work it!  YOU are so worth it!!

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P.P.S.  This workout will help you target, tighten, and tone the back and arm muscles.  Unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce fat…  (I wish!).  To burn the most fat you have to follow a  meal plan and a complete exercise training program tailored to target fat.  If you want to burn fat fast, check out my programs.  They really work.  Check out these results after just one week on my Total Transformation Program.



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