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I love superset workouts!  Superset workouts are my secret weapon to help women burn fat and make definition pop quickly.  I use superset workout routines with all of my training clients who want results quickly or that feel burned out doing traditional training strategies.


  • Are you busy?
  • Do you like quick, fun, effective workouts?
  • Do you want to burn fat and tighten and tone your muscles quickly?

If so, this collection of my favorite superset workouts for women will help you get better results in less time.

You may be wondering what the heck a superset is?


What is a Superset?


A superset is simply alternating sets of two different exercises.

For example, if you paired bicep curls and tricep dips together in one superset.  You would alternate between the 2 moves until you’ve completed 3 full rounds (of both exercises) before moving on to another superset of 2 different exercises.

Superset Workout for Women Christina Carlyle




Yep!  Supersets are very common in the bodybuilding world because ‘traditional’ superset strategy helps build and growth a lot of mass and strength. But don’t worry.

First, my superset workout routines were designed exclusively for women.  That’s because my superset workouts use lighter weights and body weight exercises which help build tight, toned muscles, and maximum calorie burn, without getting big and bulky.

Note: All of my workouts for women were designed to help you get tiny, tight, and toned, not bigger.

Secondly, by using lighter weight you’ll be able to bounce between the 2 exercises within each superset with little to no rest in between the exercises. This helps keep heart rate up, which means you’ll burn more calories and fat.


Why I love Supersets Workouts for Women


  • Supersets make Workouts more fun!  Instead of repeating a series of exercises, supersets add a new challenging twist to your workouts.
  • Superset Workouts are Quick! By bouncing between two exercises quickly, the workouts only take 20 minutes tops.
  • Supersets help Prevent Plateaus – Because we’re switching up the movements constantly, the body gets ‘confused’ and this helps you avoid plateaus. Using the superset strategy along with the other training strategies in my other workouts, you can prevent plateaus.
  • My Superset Workouts will help You Get Better Results – My superset workout routines strategically combine exercises so you can build lean muscle and burn more calories in less time.


How does that sound?


Best Superset Workouts For Women Christina Carlyle


Ready to start burning fat fast? Let’s do this!



  • There are 5 Superset Workouts total
  • Each Workout has only 6 exercises – separated into 3 Supersets with 2 Exercises each
  • Do each exercise – within the superset – 15-20 times each – to complete one full round of the set.
  • Once you’re done with the first exercise in the superset move onto the next exercise in the superset.
  • Bounce between the 2 exercises in the superset quickly – repeating the exercises.
  • Take little to no rest between the exercises.  (This will help you burn more fat.)
  • You’ll need to do 3 full rounds of 1 superset before moving on to the next superset.
  • Do 3 full rounds – of all 3 supersets – to complete your workout.
  • Take a break between sets if you need to!
  • I recommend starting with 5 pound weights, then adding more weight as you get stronger.
  • DO NOT do 2 leg or 2 arm super set workouts on consecutive days.
  • Do them in order on their own day.


  • Monday – #1 Superset Arm Workout (pink and navy)
  • Tuesday – #2 Superset Leg Workout (pink and navy)
  • Wednesday – Off
  • Thursday – #3 Arms and Back Superset Workout (orange)
  • Friday – #4 Legs and Butt Superset Workout (black and blue)
  • Saturday – #5 Upper Body Superset Workout (black and blue)
  • Sunday – Off




5 Fat Burning Superset Workout Routines for Women


For the best results, do all 5 superset workouts in a week.

When you’re done doing this workout, leave me a comment and let me know which superset you liked the best.




This arm superset workout is the easiest workout of all of them.  Start here!  This workout targets the problem areas in the chest, shoulders, and triceps .  I really think you’re going to love it because it WORKS.  See me explain this Superset workout Routine.



Superset Workout for Women Christina Carlyle

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This leg superset workout that targets the problem areas on your legs, namely the thighs and booty.  I really think you’re going to love it because it WORKS. (My thighs are still screaming from doing this workout!)

See me explain this easy – yet killer workout – that will help sculpt your legs and burn more fat, in less time, simply bouncing between exercises in the superset.  I think you’re going to love this one!



Superset Leg Workout for Women

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This superset workout combines back and arm exercises strategically, so you’ll burn fat and build lean muscle in your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles at your bra strap.

This workout is easier compared to some of the others.  I recommend using 5 pounds weights for this workout.

See me explain more about this Arm and Back Superset Workout for Women



Burn your Back and Arm Fat Fast. This fat burning Upper Body Workout Routine will help you tighten and tone your upper body fast. Women Christina Carlyle

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Leg Superset Workout for Women Christina Carlyle

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This superset workout target the triceps, chest, and shoulders.  This is my favorite upper body superset workout.



Superset Workout for Women Christina Carlyle

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That’s it.  Which super set was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments.

I’ll see you next time.

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Please note, you can’t spot reduce fat from these areas(I wish!).  To burn the most fat you have to follow a  meal plan and a complete exercise training program tailored to target fat.  If you want to burn fat fast, check out my programs.  They really work.  Check out these results after just one week on my Total Transformation Program.