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Discover the Best Exercises that Get Rid of Back Fat and Bra Overhang. Tighten and tone your back where fat bulges from bra straps with these exercises.

This past week I had 3 different training clients ask me for exercises that get rid of back fat from bra overhang. I led them through a series of exercises that targets the muscles in that area.

After the workout, each lovely lady said they felt like they were working muscles they didn’t know they had.




In today’s episode of CCtv, I share the best exercises that target the bra bulge area on your back. If you’re self-conscious about fat bulges from your bra, this workout is for you. : )  See me demo the exercises below.



How to do the Back Fat Workout


  • Repeat each of the following exercises 15 times to complete 1 set.  
  • Complete 3 sets of these exercises to get a full bra bulge fighting workout.  
  • I recommend completing this workout 2 times a week to get the best results.

You may use any ‘free weights’ you have, dumbbells, plates, or light kettle bells… whatever you want or have handy.


Christina Carlyle doing a Back Fat exercises in a Workout


Exercises for Back Fat


Exercise #1 Front and Lateral Raise

In and Out Extensions Exercise for back fat Christina Carlyle
Grasp dumbbells in both hands. Position dumbbells in front of upper legs with elbows straight or slightly bent.  Raise dumbbells forward and upward until your arms are at shoulder height. Lower the weights to the starting position.  Lift the weight up and out to the sides until your arms are at shoulder height.  Lower the weights back down to the starting position.  That makes one rep, or repetition.


Exercise #2 Bent Over Rows

Row Exercise for back fat and bra overhang Christina Carlyle
This exercise is a twist on a traditional bent over row, literally, because you twist your wrist halfway through the exercise.  Holding dumbbells, bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward, by bending at the waist.  Keep your back straight until it’s halfway to being parallel to the floor.  The dumbbells should hang directly in front of you, with your wrists facing each other.  This is your starting position. Now, while keeping your torso stationary, lift the dumbbells straight up and back, keeping your elbows close to your body.  Then slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position.  Flip your grip so that your wrists face away from you and repeat the movement, pulling the weights back and up, with your elbows close by your side.  That completes one rep.


Exercise #3 Trouble U’s

Trouble U Exercise for back fat and bra overhang Christina Carlyle
Start with your arms out to the side, with your elbows bent, slightly below shoulder height.  This is your starting position.  Rotate the weights down so that your knuckles face the floor and your elbows are in line with your shoulders.  This is position 2. Now kick the weights out, until your wrist is shoulder height.  That is the third position.  Return to position 2, the rotate the weights up to the starting position.  This equals one rep.


Exercise #4 Chicken Wings

Chicken Wing Exercise for back fat and bra overhang Christina Carlyle
Flap your wings, by drawing your elbows out to the side and up until they’re slightly higher than shoulder height. Slowly return back down to the starting position.  As you’re flapping, keep the weights pointed out in front of you. Only your elbows should move the weights up and down.


Exercise #5 Upright Rows

Upright Row Exercise for back fat and bra overhang Christina Carlyle
Grasp a dumbbell in each hand with a grip that is slightly less than shoulder width. The dumbbells should be resting on top of your thighs. Your arms should be extended with a slight bend at the elbows and your back should be straight. This will be your starting position. Use your side shoulders to lift the dumbbells. The dumbbells should be close to the body as you move it up and the elbows should drive the motion. Continue to lift them until they nearly touch your chin.  Tip: Your elbows should drive the motion. As you lift the dumbbells, your elbows should always be higher than your forearms. Also, keep your torso stationary and pause for a second at the top of the movement. Lower the dumbbells back down slowly to the starting position.


Exercise #6 Wood Chop

Woodchop Exercise for Back Fat Christina Carlyle
Grab a dumbbell or medicine ball. Stand with your feet shoulder- width apart and hold the weight in front of you with both hands. Tighten your abs and squat, rotating the weight up and across to the left.  Now, use your abs to control the movement as you ‘chop’ down and across to your right foot.  *Keep your body weight over your heels.  Don’t let your knees go past your toes and keep your shoulders pressed down.* 

That’s it!  You’re Done!

This workout targets the bra strap area. I recommend doing this workout 2 times a week… (or do this and my other back fat workout one time each). If you train this area consistently you will build lean muscle in that area. But you can’t spot train to reduce fat.

TIP:  For the best possible results, follow a meal plan and complete full body training program.  If you need help I’ve got you covered.



 Results using my Total Transformation Program
You’ll get noticeable results in DAYS not weeks!!  Guaranteed.

This workout, only works if you work it, so work it.  YOU are so worth it!

I hope you like this workout!  It works, if you work it!  So work it you’re worth it!

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TIP:  Do this bra strap area back workout along with these back exercises.  When combined together they hit all of the muscles in the middle and upper back in different ways and suck everything in tight like a girdle!  WOO!  That’s what we want!  Switching up the exercises helps avoid muscle memory.

Here are some more back exercises with dumbbells for women.
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